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Christopher has big travel plans!

Year 14 pupil Christopher Wooton has decided to volunteer his services with ‘fields for life’ in Uganda.

The team, from Holy Trinity Church, will spend from the 6th – 20th July in the country, travelling from Dublin to Gulu, just outside Kampala to complete a kitchen for the students who attend the newly built school. They will also be visiting the slums and doing Bible Club, Health and hygiene and sports and craft. The team will also be commissioning Bore Wells on behalf of the Fittis family and the  congregation of Holy Trinity Woodburn.

Christopher is 17 years old and has been a member of Holy Trinity Church his whole life. His school is very proud of his decision to head away on this mission team: “I am going to Uganda because I thought this would be something to enrich my Christian belief and would also allow me to see a part of the world that I’d most likely never get to see.” There are a few downsides for his however: “I’m not looking forward to the injections beforehand and all the bugs!”

Carrickfergus College would like to wish Christopher, and the rest of the team, all the best and they look forward to encouraging Christopher to talk about his experiences to other pupils – what a great example to follow!

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