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P7 Pupils welcomed by Carrick College

For the past two weeks pupils from the area have been given the opportunity to attend ‘taster’ sessions run by Carrickfergus College.

The sessions give pupils the chance to see the ‘goings-on’ of the school on a normal working day and to experience the kinds of activities they are likely to take part in should they attend the College in September.

Mr McCready, History teacher and coordinator of the visits, praised the pupils and staff of the primary schools in attendance. It was clear to all that the pupils seemed genuinely excited to be taking part in the different subjects on offer on the day and it is so valuable to allow them to sample life at the school as they make all types of decisions about their future in the coming months.

Prefects helped throughout the sessions and were eager to see their old primary school represented and to catch up with some ‘old’ teachers. These visits are an important part of the school’s calendar and represent a vital link with the community as the school continues to reach out and to make connections with the wider Carrickfergus area. A great two weeks was enjoyed by all, with the visits ending on Friday 27th January. The College wishes the P7 pupils all the best with their big choices for September.

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