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College take pride in past pupil!

Jake Hunter, past pupil of Carrickfergus College, has gone on to achieve his dream of working in the navy. His parents said, ‘At the age of sixteen, when Jake came home from school one day and announced that he wanted to join the Royal Navy, we had hoped it was just a whim and that it would pass, he wouldn’t go ahead with it. The following day he came home and told us he’d filled out his application…he’d done this all by himself, without any help, but still we hoped it would pass. He won’t possibly go through with it.’

Following academic success in his GCSE’s at the College, he decided not to return to school but to go to tech and start an Engineering course whilst he waited for all of his entry exams to be completed for the Navy.

In September 2017 he set off to do his fitness tests, running (and the others) were easy for him. He panicked and failed on the swimming and this was a blow to his confidence. Under the watchful eye of an instructor he had his technique mastered in no time and on 22nd February he passed all fitness tests with a start date of 25th February.
The attached photo was taken on Friday 18th May when Jake passed out as a sailor after 10 weeks of tough training. He now has a further 19 weeks of training ahead of him to become a Weapons Engineer.

Jake is loving his chosen path and we are so proud and glad to see him flourishing in his chosen career. Well done Jake!

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