The College is recognised as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ following achievement of Specialist School status in May 2007. At present we are one of only 34 secondary / grammar schools in Northern Ireland to have achieved this prestigious designation. Specialist schools must be outward looking, collaborative in their focus and take forward a community dimension, linking with other secondary and primary schools, businesses and the local community. We already have significant strengths in these areas and look forward to developing them further.

The Department of Education for Northern Ireland is placing an emphasis on schools providing a relevant curriculum and opportunities for all young people to prepare them for the world of work. Through our specialism, all curriculum subjects will be making clear the relevance of learning to the world of work and encouraging an enterprising approach in teaching and learning activities. Young people attending Carrick College will be well prepared for adult and working life.

As a specialist school we receive additional funding which will be in excess of £400,000 over the designated four year period. This will be used to enhance resources in all subject areas, with the ultimate aim of continually raising standards of pupil achievement.

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