Carrickfergus College welcomed Mrs Dolores Stinson from the European Studies Programme to the College on 11th November 2009 to present certificates to pupils who successfully completed the course last year. Mrs Gibson’s Year 9 class exchanged work with schools from the Republic of Ireland, Finland, England and Wales in the Junior Programme. This included personal profiles and articles on their local heroes. Year 14 pupils completed the Senior European Studies Programme with pupils from the Republic of Ireland, France and England as part of their Certificate in Personal Effectiveness. To successfully complete the course they produced a tourist brochure on Carrickfergus, reviewed a range of international films and developed their knowledge of European government and institutions. They were also fortunate to meet up with their French partner school during their visit to Northern Ireland.

The European Studies Programme is a post-primary curriculum based programme linking schools in Ireland with schools across Europe through sustained collaborative projects furthering tolerance, mutual understanding and appreciation of the cultures of others.

Currently more than 300 schools in 25 European Countries are engaged in the programme.

Carrickfergus College currently takes part in both the junior and senior school programmes. Mrs Gibson co-ordinates the work of junior school pupils, while Mr McCready completes the senior programme with year 13 C.O.P.E. students.

Through the European Studies Programme our pupils are currently linked with  schools in England, Wales, Republic of Ireland, Finland, France and Poland.

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