The Parent Teacher Association is a group of like minded people whose primary aim is to raise funds for the school.

These funds go towards “extras” that cannot be funded directly by the school.  The PTA also provides closer links between home and school and is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the school.

Our second aim is more of a social one.  We aim to make our events as inclusive as possible ensuring that they attract attention from across the school and local community.

There is also a very social aspect to being a member or helper of the PTA.  We are looking to hear from any parent who would be willing to help out in any way whether it be as a member or helper.

So how can you help:-

  • Come to the next meeting.
  • Become a member.
  • Volunteer to help at an event – eg run a stall for a hour etc.

We would love to hear from all parents!

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