wellbeingEHWB is our all-encompassing term that includes our Pastoral Care, SEN and CIEAG provision.

At Carrickfergus College we are very aware of our pupils’ emotional health and how that can impact on their capacity for learning. We have a very experienced and caring pastoral team made up of Form Teachers, Heads of Year, and Vice Principals who are linked with pupils throughout their time at the College.

Pastoral Care/EHWB is everyone’s responsibility and pupils can approach any member of staff with worries or concerns. Our Pastoral provision is exemplary. We have dedicated form class time where pupils are engaged in activities to improve their emotional intelligence, resilience and social skills. We have induction for our year 8 and year 13 pupils as well as a positive behaviour policy which not only applies sanctions but also rewards achievement through our Behaviour, Merit and House systems.

Our Anti-bullying policy is regularly reviewed by our pupils, parents and staff and pupils have been involved in the process of putting together our school definition. We take bullying of any kind very seriously and staff are aware of tell-tale signs and symptoms.

We take bullying of any kind very seriously and staff are aware of tell-tale signs and symptoms.

Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Centre

We recently invested in the provision of a Wellbeing Centre for our pupils. A quiet place where pupils can meet with any member of the pastoral team, receive academic support, counselling (independent counselling services provided by Familyworks) and youth worker support as well as engaging with outside agencies who are there to provide a listening ear and professional advice when necessary.

The Wellbeing Centre provides opportunities for our pupils, in a relaxed and quiet setting, to talk about their experiences, to share with friends and engage in social activity in a safe and regulated environment, something that can be extremely important for all of our children.

The Wellbeing Centre is also used to facilitate our peer mentoring where sixth form pupils engage with younger pupils to support them in Literacy, Numeracy and pastorally. Peer Mentoring however is only one aspect of our student services. Our Year 10 Buddies regularly visit year 8 form classes and our School Council plays a very active role in school.

We are aware of how important pastoral care and positive behaviour is in our school. We teach pupils about our core values (Caring, Honesty, Respect, Tolerance, Perseverance) and about the importance of positive behaviour.

Our Personal Development, Citizenship and Employability classes are all delivered as part of the curriculum in junior school as unique subjects and in senior school as Learning for Life and Work which pupils are required to complete at GCSE.

At Carrickfergus College pupils are guided through their education with a caring, compassionate and friendly approach that we feel benefits all of the pupils in our care. The future of all of our pupils is important to us and we help to make the best choices possible so that they can continue to lead happy and fulfilled lives, no matter what their educational pathway


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