Maintaining the FocusThe field of Special and Additional Education needs has grown in all areas over the past generations of pupils, meaning that schools have had to resource and support pupils with a greater spectrum of needs. This is also the case with those pupils with very specific talents and skills who are sometimes in need of assistance in only one area of concern. Every child has many qualities and attributes to offer.

In Carrickfergus College we successfully prepare all of our young people for the challenges of the modern world. We deliver inclusive programmes of education in all areas of learning and further support to pupils who have individual needs with bespoke help. There are presently fifteen members of staff in our College dedicated to catering for a broad spectrum of special needs as their main role in the spheres of physical, emotional, behavioural and learning.

Our provision and support does not stop solely with these members of staff, our continued training and capacity building enables all of our teaching and support staff to be enabled to give your child the richest learning experience possible, whilst viewing them as an individual and ensuring they are given the opportunity to contribute positively to learning.

In Carrickfergus College we have an inclusive philosophy viewing our College as a community involving home and outside agencies in all of our activities. The rich diversity of abilities, talents, skills and personalities are valued and respected and we, as a College, continue to embrace the opportunities to develop individuals as positive contributors to society ensuring they are capable of realising their future place in employment, the economy and the environment. We have a wide range of specialist skills and facilities that will get the best from your child in a comfortable, supported and caring setting.

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