PODCAST: May 2017

Yes it is that fateful time – study leave!

With exams comes hot weather and the sad loss of our senior school about the corridors! Don’t worry the year 12 podcasters have left us with some revision tips and some of their memories from their time at school!
Join Evan Rodgers, Katy Pegg, Owen Jones, Danielle Moore and Joshua Scott as they leave us with our final information blast of the year!

PODCAST: April 2017

Tune in to the latest podcast to hear our two new presenters, Katy Pegg and Danielle Moore, team up with Evan Rodgers as they bring us all the college chat! Find out which European city turned out to be a tongue twister for Katy, what our Science club have been up to, all about our international travels and, of course, which dress Chloe Buchanan ended up wearing to the formal!

Miss it, miss out!

PODCAST: February 2017

It’s the first podcast of 2017 so tune it to hear all the latest news from Carrickfergus College! This month we have special guest interviewees in the form of our visiting p6 and p7 pupils from our annual Open Night at the start of January, we learn of Chris Wootton’s African adventure and we ask the BIG question … which dress will Chloe Buchanan actually wear to the school formal?

PODCAST: December 2016

You just HAVE to listen to our Christmas podcast – it may possibly be the funniest one ever thanks to Owen Jones and Evan Rodgers’ bloopers!

Tune in to hear the latest goings and what we are up to this December/January time! Can we also wish you all a very Merry Christmas – as a present we have put some amazing Christmas jokes in for you at the end! Enjoy!

PODCAST: October 2016

Join us this month for the first podcast of the school year – we get the lowdown on the happenings in Carrick College with Evan Rodgers and we chat with our new Head boy, girl and deputies! You would be silly to miss it!

PODCAST: June 2016

Join us for the last podcast of the year! You need to hear Callum, Josh, Evan and Owen attempt a mini Bright Spell… with disastrous results! The boys share the headlines and the latest goings on within school including the Bright Spell, Elland’s dancing prowess, year 10 rugby success … and much more! Tune in before we leave the airwaves for the summer!

PODCAST: May 2016

Join the pupils of Carrickfergus College for the latest school podcast. This month we are privileged to be joined by the fabulous Owen Jones (year 11) as a new Podcast DJ on the team – he says a grand total of one line! We will ease him in and he might even say a full paragraph in June!

Year 11 pupils Callum Toppon, Evan Rodgers and Joshua Scott share the latest school headlines and information you need to know about all the happenings up on the North Road! This week we even get to learn some Mandarin from our year 13s! Tune in and enjoy!

PODCAST: March 2016

What a busy time we have been having! Between the school’s breath-taking production of ‘The Lion King’ and the year 13s recent trip to Italy, our feet have barely touched the ground! Join year 11 pupils Evan, Joshua and Callum as they run down the latest news from Carrick College (while wearing some of our play’s costumes) and tell some pretty bad Easter jokes!

PODCAST: February 2016

The latest instalment of the Carrickfergus College podcast is ready for you to listen to here, or download through itunes. This month, year 11 pupils Evan and Callum take you through the main events that have been going on in school and we hear from out visiting P6 and P7 pupils at our annual open night. We asked them the BIG question: what are you most looking forward to about changing schools?

We hope you tune in and enjoy.

PODCAST: December 2015

Listen to our December podcast and you will soon be up to date with all the comings and goings in Carrickfergus College! Hear from our Head Boy and Head Girl, learn all about our Christmas countdown and hang on until the end and you will once again be subjected to Evan, Callum and Josh’s truly horrendous jokes! They all sound like they came from cheap Christmas Crackers!

Merry Christmas!

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