Moving from GCSE to ‘A’ Level study requires more skills of independent learning.  During the course of the two years at Carrickfergus College students will learn how to manage their own time in preparation for university. This is well facilitated with the provision of supervised study periods in the Sixth Form Study Centre which is equipped with wireless laptops connecting to the C2K network. This gives plenty of opportunity for students to work independently to complete coursework.

Sixth Form at Carrickfergus College have access to their own common room where they can relax, socialise and make tea/coffee. Students can make use of 3 computer suites with up-to-date PC’s on the C2k network which contain the latest software needed for completing assignments. All IT rooms are equipped with broadband internet.

The Learning Resource Centre is well equipped with 20 PC’s which can be used for internet research, also there are the latest books and periodicals on hand for research into a wide range of topics. Books can be used for reference while in school or alternatively they can be borrowed for use outside of school. The Learning Resource Centre is also open on a number of days after school allowing pupils to stay behind to use computers or have some time for quiet study.

The College has a fitness suite which plays host to a number of Cadiovascular machines such as the Treadmill, Bike, Cross Trainer, Rowing Machine and Stepper. It also facilitates resistance machines such as the Lateral Pull Down, Shoulder Press, Chest Press, Bicep Curl and Leg Extensions. The fitness suite is available for Sixth Form to use after school hours.

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