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  • To help pupils understand and appreciate the role of the home and family as they relate to the development of the individual and society.
  • Develop pupils’ understanding of their physical, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic needs and the needs of others which change throughout life according to circumstances and resources available.
  • Develop the critical thinking and decision-making capacity of pupils on matters relating to the home and family.
  • Foster enjoyment in the experience of learning and to encourage pupils to take pride in their achievements.
  • Develop a range of skills including: personal and social, creative, investigative, measurement, communication and management.
  • Provide the opportunity, by working independently; in pairs or as members of a group, to experience practical activities which will enable pupils to transfer knowledge and understanding from one situation to another.
  • Develop understanding of, and learn to adapt to, challenges for the family in a technological society.
  • Develop knowledge, understanding and skills related to the statutory cross-curricular themes.
  • To involve and inform pupils and parents with regard to a pupil’s educational progress and arising concerns.

KS3 Home Economics

Pupils study two periods of Home Economics each week. Our pupils have regular opportunities to experience practical activities during which they develop skills that will be with them for the rest of their lives. In Home Economics, we explore three themes. These are:

Healthy Eating
Exploring Healthy Eating provides opportunities to develop understanding required in thye choice, planning, storage, preparation, cooking and serving of food.

Home and Family Life
Study of this area of Home Economics provides opportunities to understand the importance of the family as a caring unit

Independant Living
By understanding this area of study pupils understand the importance of becoming discerning consumers and effective managing of resources

GCSE Home Economics

What will I study?
Food and Nutrition
Choice of Resources
Family Life

How is it assessed
One piece of coursework (Written & Practical) = 50%
Final examination = 50%

What can I do with my GCSE?

Follow a career as a: 
Consumer Adviser
Health Promotions Officer
Trading Standards Officer
Environmental Health Officer
Home Economist
Food Scientist
Teacher in Food Technology / Catering / Hospitality

A Level Home Economics

The courses offered at GCSE level allow pupils to progress to A-Level’ Home Economics, GCE Health and Social Care or Hospitality and Catering. These courses offer the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding and prepare students for entry into employment or progression to Higher Education and University.

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