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About our Department

Information and Communication Technology is now present in all aspects of life. Pupils need to understand and learn to use ICT in a variety of different contexts as well as using it to achieve academic success.

What are our Aims?

  1. To enable every pupil to acquire ICT skills which will prepare them for adult and working life.
  2. To use ICT as a means of enhancing learning in the delivery of all areas of the curriculum.
  3. To help pupils acquire transferable skills suitable for life-long learning.


Pupils in these years are given one period per week in order to acquire IT skills which they will use in all subjects and prepare them for IT Accreditation in Year 10.

Year 8
The Topics covered in Year 8 are:

  • Keyboarding Skills
  • Functions of Computer Keyboard
  • Skills in DTP (Desk Top Publishing) and PowerPoint

Year 9
The topics covered in Year 9 are:

  • Consolidation of Keyboarding Skills
  • Word Processing Facilities and DTP
  • Use of Spreadsheets

Year 10
The topics in Year 10 are as follows:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Preparation for KS3 IT Accreditation


This course is offered as an option subject across the full ability range. It consists of 60 per cent assignment work and 40 per cent theory examination. ICT theory is taught throughout the course and this consists of:

  • Hardware and software
  • Information Systems
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Applications

Year 11 Assignments

  • Using the Internet
  • Multimedia Presentation – PowerPoint
  • Publishing – Producing a booklet

Year 12 Assignments

  • Designing a Website
  • Database
  • Spreadsheet

A Level Applied ICT

GCE Applied ICT (Single Award Vocational A-Level)

This qualification provides students with essential skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT and develops career opportunities in the ICT industry as well as enabling entry to Further or Higher Education.

Year 13 AS Units
Unit 1 – Information & Communication
Unit 2 – Software Applications and Tools
Unit 3 – Organisations and Information Systems

Year 14 A2 Units
Unit 7 – Investigating Systems
Unit 9 – Website Design and Management
Unit 10 – Multimedia Technology

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