Mrs Haddock
Mrs McClure

Learning a modern language is so important nowadays, especially now that travel abroad for both business and pleasure has never been so common. Pupils in Year 8 learn Spanish, and they will continue their study of this language until the end of Year 10.

Pupils can then choose to continue studying Spanish for GCSE. Throughout their time learning another language, pupils will also have the opportunity to develop a number of skills appropriate for the world of work, and these are an integral part of lessons.  We also run a Language Club where pupils have the opportunity to learn more about the cultural aspects of Spanish speaking countries, for example food, music and the various customs that are celebrated throughout the year.

What do our pupils think? 

 Me gusta mucho el español – es estupendo!

 I think Spanish is very good and I like it very much, especially the games we play to help us remember the Spanish words and phrases. I think it is important to learn about a foreign country and how the people in it live and speak.  I think Spanish is great, it’s interesting and it’s fun.  I quite often go to Spain on my holidays and next time I go I will perhaps be able to speak a little Spanish.

European Day of Languages

Every year pupils across a range of year groups take part in a range of activities to celebrate the European Day of Languages. This is an annual event that is held with the aim of increasing knowledge of other countries and languages.


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