Why Leisure & Tourism?

  • Do you want to study a subject which is different, active and enjoyable?
  • Do you want to study one subject worth two GCSE grades?
  • Do you want to study a subject which employers really value; one which will give you training for future employment?
  • Do you want to study a subject which gives you an important foundation for ‘A’ level subjects. e.g. Travel & Tourism, Business Studies, Sports Studies?
  • Do you want to study a subject which has had excellent GCSE and A Level results?
  • Are you better suited to coursework than exams?

If your answers to the above questions are ‘Yes’, then this is the course for you.

What will I study?

The GCSE in Leisure and Tourism is made up of three units

Unit 1 – Investigating Leisure & Tourism
Unit 2 – Marketing in Leisure & Tourism
Unit 3 – Customer Service in Leisure & Tourism

How will I be Tested?

Assessment is designed to give credit for what you can do as well as what you know. There are two types of assessment used during the course, an external test and two portfolios.

External Test

For Unit 1 you will sit a written exam lasting 1 1/2 hours. This will count for one-third of your final grade.


For Units 2 & 3 you will carry out a number of assignments which will be marked by your teacher and then placed in your portfolio (file). Your portfolios will count for two-thirds of your final grade.

What qualification will I receive?

You will receive a Double Award GCSE, e.g. AA or BC, which count as 2 GCSEs’

What types of activities wil I be doing?

Visits to leisure & tourism facilities
Research – internet
Surveys – role play and interviews
Study of travel destinations and sporting venues
Guest speakers
PowerPoint presentation

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