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What are our Aims?

The aim of the Mathematics Department is to provide all pupils with skills, which will be of value to them in their future careers, in a fun and exciting way.

About our Department


All pupils at Key Stage 3 follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum – this includes Processes, Number, Algebra, Shape Space, Measures and Data Handling. Mathematics is studied for 5 periods each week.

The department is always looking for ways to improve the performance of our pupils. To this end we follow CCEA’s GCSE course. During Years 11 and 12 pupils will sit at least one modular exam representing 45% of the marks for the course. The pupils then take one final exam to make up the final 55%. We feel this approach offers our pupils the best opportunity to achieve the highest possible grade and we are very proud of the achievements of our pupils.

Special provision is made for those who find difficulty with maths.  This is offered in various ways such as after school support provided by maths teachers and additional support given in the the focus centre.  The focus centre aims to promote the improvement of numeracy across the curriculum.  Pupils are assessed on entry into the school and support is given to pupils with special educational needs.

Our resources within the school are excellent including full access to computer facilities. Pupils have the opportunity to consolidate and test their skills using various websites and maths programs. In addition we have an excellent mathematics resources area where we maintain an extensive selection of mathematics materials to assist our pupils in their learning.  As a department we continue to develop our active maths resources that will enhance and enrich the teaching and learning of maths.

The subject is taught by specialist and experienced teachers. Their care, planning and efforts delivering a demanding syllabus all contribute to high standards of achievement.



Making Maths Fun

In Carrickfergus College we have introduced games and competitions into Mathematics.

All pupils in year 8 are encouraged to enter the Brain Teaser Competition. Each month a new brainteaser is displayed on the notice board and on the School Intranet. Pupils write their answers, name and class on an entry form and give it to their maths teacher. The first correct entry drawn each competition wins a cinema voucher.

All pupils in years 8 – 10 are given the opportunity to play board games. During lunchtime one day per week, small groups of pupils play competitive games. These games aim to reinforce basic mathematical concepts, develop mental maths skills and encourage working as a team.

Each year in March, pupils from Carrickfergus College take part in World Maths Day. Pupils go ‘head to head’ against students from all over the world in a series of on line competitions. All pupils have a sense of worth and achievement from this excellent fun activity whilst answering questions to stretch and challenge them.

All pupils in Carrickfergus College are now able to demonstrate their soccer management skills in our Schools Fantasy League. Each pupil, as manager, picks a team of Premiership stars and tries to guide them to the top of the Carrickfergus College League by the end of the season. This fun and educational activity uses maths and computer skills and is played by over 50,000 pupils in the UK.

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