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About our Department
The music department at Carrickfergus College is a busy and exciting place. We are always making music whether it is at band practice, choir practice, show rehearsal or simply in our lessons.

School Choir

Our school choir has had phenomenal success over the years wining numerous festivals and trophies. We also won, on 3 occasions, the prestigious UTV School Choir of the Year Competition. We could be said to be one of the most successful choirs in the North Eastern Board Area. Now that the UTV competition has come to an end we are not resting on the glory of previous sucesses and continue to enter new competitions and festivals that we have not entered before.

In 2006 we also made our second CD “Songs of Gold” which is a celebration of past and present songs that the choir regarded ast heir favourites. We were delighted to welcome back quite a few of our past pupils for the recording to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” with us. We are very pleased with how this CD turned out and proud that we can continue our singing to such a high standard.

Ryan Moffet performing with the Young Americans

The music department and the school in general have also been fortunate enough to host the Young Americans project on 2 occasions. This was a tremendous success and involveed over 200 young people from our own school and from the surrounding primary schools. The Young Americans left an indelible mark on the music deparment in Carrickfergus College and we hope to be able to welcom the Young Americans again to the College in the near future. Ryan Moffett, one of our past pupils, is currently touring with the YA’s and inspires many of our past pupils to follow in his footsteps.

Also in 2006 the College production was “The Sound of Music”. A Wonderful family show that our pupils enjoyed very much. Although there is no production this year we hope to hold our Star Factor Competition again after Christmas.

This year the music department welcome the return of the Royal Marines. The brass quartet and the Bandmaster of the Royal Marines are visiting us in December and will perform a short concert. Our pupils will then have the opportunity of playing under the direction of the Bandmaster and will hopefully gain a better understanding of the music and learn some valuable lessons on performance.

KS3 & GCSE Music

Key Stage 3 Music

Year 8 Units
Instruments of the Orchestra

Year 9 Units
Television & Advertising

Year 10 Units
The Blues
African Music
Film Music

Year 11 & 12 follow the CCEA GCSE Syllabus

Extra Curricular Timetable

Day What’s On Time
Monday Theory Club/Show Rehearsal 3.30 – 4.30pm
Tuesday Band/singing/piano/strings/guitar/drums. Various times
Wednesday Woodwind/brass lessons 2.00pm start
Thursday Show rehearsal/Composition/Chamber Choir 3.30pm
Friday Choir 3.30pm

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