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What can your child expect?
Pupils in Years 8 – 10 study RE for two periods each week. It begins with the X-Files; (a close look at the Bible). We then discover the oldest couple to ever have a chils – Abraham & Sarah; followed by the Dream Team (disciples).

In Year 9 pupils begin the year with a study of the life of Moses: The Prince of Egypt as well as looking at Creation and the Parables of Jesus among other things.

In Year 10 pupils study the beginnings of the Early Church, as well as, Bullying, St. Patrick and the Reformation.

On Completion of Key Stage 3…
..pupils can choose to follow the GCSE course of study and further to A-level. This build son knowledge and skills gained in the first thtree years and is a popular option. GCSE RE looks at many different topical areas which effect young people today as well as what God as to say about these issues. Discussion, problem-solving, debate, communication, intreracting with topical events, are some of the methds used in GCSE R.E. to help pupils engage with the core curriculum. It is these very qualities that employers are increasingly looking for in young school leavers or indeed those who go on to third level education.

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